A Dancer’s Peak Week… It’s Showtime

Many athletes have what's called a "prep week" or "peak weak" before a contest or performance. During prep week you usually back off training, eat a stricter diet, cutting out foods that make you bloat, and try to get as much rest as possible. My boss always yells at me not to workout in the... Continue Reading →

Yoga and Stretch Routine for Dancers

Most dancers know that awkward moment when you can loudly hear your hips crack while dancing. Or maybe your ankles. It is really important that you are properly warmed up before you dance. Or else you won't be able to perform optimally, and there is a chance you may get injured.

A Dancer’s Leg Day

Ever wondered how to get great legs like a dancer? You know, the legs that look like they are chiseled out of marble? Incredibly toned, strong, but not bulky?

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